Carpeted Car Mats

Car Mats, Inc. offers the widest selection of carpet car floor mats for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Four styles are currently available, which range from our 18oz, 1/4" thick Classic Loop Car Mats all the way up to our luxury 48oz, 1/2" thick Luxe Car Mats which are constructed of premium nylon yarn. All of the carpeted car floor mats are water-resistant and come with a non-slip backing.

Velourtex Car Floor Mats

• Most economical carpet surface car mats.

• 22oz - 3/8" thick, premium nylon construction.

• Slip-resistant backing helps keep mats firmly in place.

• 5 year warranty.

Ultimat Car Floor Mats

• Our most popular car mat on the market - an industry standard.

• 32oz - 1/2" thick premium nylon construction.

• Latex coated, water-resistant surface and a non-slip backing.

• 5 year warranty.

Luxe Car Floor Mats

• Most comfortable, plush carpeted surface car mat on the market.

• 48oz - 3/4" thick premium nylon yarn that is stain- and soil-resistant.

• Waterproof, non-slip backing helps insulate against heat and noise.
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